Philanthropic Partners of the GCWCC

United Way Centraide and HealthPartners are the campaign’s philanthropic partners. Each expert in their respective impact areas and use research, local knowledge, and community partnerships to make informed investment decisions to maximize the impact of donor dollars. Their broad national networks allow donors to the GCWCC to make donations that will help people directly within their own communities, whether urban, rural, or remote.

United Way Centraide

United Way Centraide is committed to helping people and families across Canada build better lives. They do this by moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids be all they can be, and building strong and healthy communities as to not let anyone behind.

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HealthPartners is a coalition representing 17 of the country’s well-known health charities who work to improve understanding, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect 9 in 10 Canadians. We're supporting Canadian families and caregivers through investments in research, treatment, education, local support programs and advocacy.

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The impact of your generosity

Your gifts to United Way Centraide build stronger communities by helping:

Your donation to HealthPartners supports:

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Impact stories vividly illustrate the transformative power of charitable work and offer a compelling narrative that resonates with potential donors. By harnessing the emotive force of these stories, organizations can inspire generosity, foster empathy, and cultivate lasting relationships with their supporters.

How your GCWCC contribution helps

$70 provides nutritious snacks to 100 kids at an after-school program.

$130 provides three at-risk primary school children with the necessary school supplies to start the year off right.

$400 provides one week of work experience wages for a young person in an employment program.

$500 covers the cost of registration and books for two youth returning to high school.

$1,200 provides 10 families with a three-hour consultation to improve parent-child relationships and find solutions to the educational challenges their child is facing.

$5 provides one meal to someone who is homeless, giving them refuge in a safe environment.

$50 provides a frost prevention kit for two homeless people, including a scarf, toque, gloves and pocket warmers.

$250 provides a healthy lunch for a parent and child for five weeks.

$600 covers a resumé writing workshop for women living in poverty.

$1,200 provides important household items to six families, helping them make a life-changing move to secure housing.

$100 provides a senior living with Alzheimer’s with a weekly visit for three months.

$260 provides 10 people with 10 weeks of guidance on how to support a family member or friend struggling with mental health issues.

$365 provides a woman who has experienced violence with 16 weeks of group therapy.

$800 helps bring together 100 neighbours to identify common challenges and solutions, making their community stronger and safer.

$1,400 provides a newcomer with eight months of English classes and childcare, helping them develop their skills and build important community connections.

$4 per pay funds one day of research conducted by a graduate student under the supervision of a hepatologists.

$12 per pay funds four days of lab work for a graduate student to help combat lung infection and inflammation in people with cystic fibrosis.

$20 per pay supports the operations of a diabetes research lab for half a day.

$100 per pay helps a cancer patient take part in a clinical trial to test new potentially life-saving treatments.

$5 per pay provides educational tool-kits to support individuals who have just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and their families.

$10 per pay increases access to implicit bias training that helps organizations identify and eliminate structural inequities in their mental health programs, policies, and services.

$15 per pay mails a comprehensive handbook to any Canadian looking for answers about lung health.

$50 per pay provides 25 health-care professionals with tool kits to help their patients better understand diabetes and its management.

$4 per pay delivers a special backpack containing a teddy bear with a removable warming and cooling pack to ease sore joints, a children’s book, and practical tools to help kids live well with arthritis.

$5 per pay provides short term and emergency financial assistance to residents to cover medical and other expenses associated with kidney disease and its treatment.

$10 per pay can help fund a custom piece of equipment for a person impacted by a neuromuscular disorder to improve their quality of life.

$40 per pay helps connect a newly diagnosed MS patient to an MS Navigator within our MS Knowledge Network.

$20 per pay produces informational materials on the reality of living with ALS to advocate for better policies and standards of care to government decision-makers.

$40 per pay contributes to the advocacy efforts of our members to improve;

  • Access to Medications  for better treatment options
  • Healthy diet and living  to improve access to and the affordability of healthy food
  • Sickness and disability benefits  to improve access to federal support programs

$100 per pay helps fund a custom piece of equipment for a person impacted by a neuromuscular disorder to improve their quality of life.

Great Canadian Impact Tour

The Great Canadian Impact Tour is a weekly virtual speaker series featuring United Way Centraide and HealthPartners representatives. 

You’ll be able to hear stories about how these organizations collaborate, innovate, and serve to build stronger communities and healthier people across Canada!

Check the schedule and register for our next date!

Request an Impact Speaker

If your department is located in the National Capital Region, complete this form to request an impact speaker! Outside of the National Capital Region, contact your local manager to request a speaker. Storytelling will make every campaign more relevant and powerful. You don’t need to do it all alone! Your local manager is there to help you identify and book a speaker.

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