Ambassador's Campaign Toolkit

On this page you will find information, tools and resources needed to carry out the role of Ambassador for your GCWCC campaign.

Ambassador's Training Course

Begin with the self-guided training course for campaign ambassadors. Check the schedule for supplemental in-Person/Virtual Training Sessions

Tips to help canvass successfully

There is nothing more valuable than the work of a campaign ambassador. Remember that you have the power to inspire generosity. Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed in fundraising for the GCWCC.

Information for donors planning to retire or change jobs

If one of your colleagues is retiring, going on extended leave, or changing jobs this info sheet can help them ensure their campaign pledge, and community impact, are not interrupted by the change.


ePledge is the online donation platform that powers the GCWCC.

Campaign FAQs

Find the answers to frequently-asked questions about the GCWCC

Impact stories and videos

Impact stories are provided by the GCWCC's two named recipients HealthPartners and United Way Centraide. These story assets can be used during events and canvassing to inform and inspire donors. These stories are proof of how GCWCC donations help to build stronger communities and healthier people.

Email templates for cavassing

These template letters are written to help with your personal touch points during your campaign. These letters can be used as the framework for your personalized notes to your colleagues when asking for their support of the GCWCC.

QR Codes

Use these QR Codes to quickly and easily direct donors to ePledge.

2022 GCWCC payroll calendar

The GCWCC Calendar is a handy way to keep track of pay periods and has information on how donors make a difference. The back provides all the United Way names and identification numbers for processing purposes.

What a gift to the GCWCC can do