Ambassador’s Tools

Please find here some specific tools for ambassadors. You can find more information and relevant material for your team and campaign by consulting the other tabs

  • Ambassador Information Session Deck (PowerPoint)
  • Ambassador Information Session Deck (PDF)
  • Tips & Tricks – How to Succeed at Canvassing (PDF)
  • What Your Donation Can Do:
  • ePledge Step-by-Step Guide
  • ePledge Demonstration Videos for NCR (applicable when accessing existing User Accounts only) – the following videos are downloadable in MP4 format. To view on  YouTube click on the link next to the desired video.
    • Edit My Profile – YouTube
    • View My Donation History – YouTube
    • Regular Donation Process Without Replication – YouTube
    • Donation Process with Replication – YouTube
  •  ePledge Organization Selection Page