To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, all NCR GCWCC Training / Information Sessions shall be held virtually. Session invites will be sent to participants once registration is confirmed.

To register please email with the following in the Subject line: Registration for [insert session name] – [insert date]. Please ensure to include your name, organization and role on your GCWCC team in the body of your email.

To view the October schedule here.

Session Target Audience – these sessions are for the volunteers working on their workplace’s charitable campaign in the NCR as follows:

  • Campaign Leader Information Session: The person(s) identified by the Champion to lead/co-lead the overall NCR workplace campaign for their organization
  • Ambassador Train the Trainer Session: The Ambassador Lead or person identified by the campaign leader who will be responsible for training their organization’s ambassadors
  • Ambassador Information Session: Those individuals who will be informing their colleagues about the campaign and asking them to make a financial donation to their charities of choice
  • Treasurer Roles & Responsibilities Information Session: The person identified by the Champion or Campaign Lead to serve as the organization’s primary treasurer / co-treasurer
  • Treasurer Training – Practical Session on ePledge Reporting: The primary treasurer/co-treasurer who will have access to the ePledge financial information for the Organization