To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, all NCR GCWCC Training / Information Sessions shall be held virtually. Session invites will be sent to participants once registration is confirmed.

To register please email with the following in the Subject line: Registration for [insert session name] – [insert date]. Please ensure to include your name, organization and role on your GCWCC team in the body of your email.

To view the September schedule (revised Sept. 17) click here.

Session Target Audience – these sessions are for the volunteers working on their workplace’s charitable campaign in the NCR as follows:

  • Campaign Leader Information Session: The person(s) identified by the Champion to lead/co-lead the overall NCR workplace campaign for their organization
  • Ambassador Train the Trainer Session: The Ambassador Lead or person identified by the campaign leader who will be responsible for training their organization’s ambassadors
  • Ambassador Information Session: Those individuals who will be informing their colleagues about the campaign and asking them to make a financial donation to their charities of choice
  • Treasurer Roles & Responsibilities Information Session: The person identified by the Champion or Campaign Lead to serve as the organization’s primary treasurer / co-treasurer
  • Treasurer Training – Practical Session on ePledge Reporting: The primary treasurer/co-treasurer who will have access to the ePledge financial information for the Organization