Regional Campaign Leaders

Campaign Leaders’ Information Session

Campaign Leaders’ Information sessions aim at helping you understand your role as a key volunteer in your region. Your local manager will be able to help you understand your role and organize a virtual training for you and other leaders in your region. 

Please contact your local manager to to find out the dates of the next training sessions and participate.  

Campaign Leaders’ Tools

Please find here some specific tools for Campaign Leaders. You can find more information and relevant material for your team and campaign by consulting the Campaign in a Box and the other tabs.

  • GCWCC 2020 Information Deck (PowerPoint)
  • GCWCC 2020 Information Deck (PDF)
  • Campaign Guide for Campaign Leaders – NCR preliminary Edition (PDF
    ***This version has been created as a pilot for the NCR. You can still find relevant information.
    We invite you to access it and take what you can use.***
  • Local Managers contact List (PDF)
    *** The local managers list reflects the 2020’s campaign. A new list for 2021 will be shared in the spring of 2021 once the new contacts are confirmed. In the meantime, please email for a direct update.  

Speakers’ Bureau Process

Storytelling will make every campaign more relevant and powerful.  You don’t need to do it all alone! Your local manager is there to help you identify and book a speaker. There are two types available; Testimonial or Named Recipient. 

Testimonial Speaker: Testimonial speakers are a committed group of volunteers who tell in their own words how your support of the GCWCC makes an impact. Some of these people have benefited directly from a United Way or HealthPartners program or service; others are volunteers and staff from supported agencies who want to share their experiences. All of them speak from the heart and their stories illustrate the need, importance and impact of your support. 

Named Recipient Speaker: Named Recipient speakers are representatives of the main recipients of the GCWCC: United Way or HealthPartners. They will speak about their organization’s priorities, what they do to addressing the needs and the impact donations received have on improving the lives of others. 

Please contact your local manager to book a presentation with your local United Way and Health Partner representative.

Due to physical distancing, it is highly recommended to host virtual events.  A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required in order for use to be able to fulfill your requests. Every attempt will be made to fill requests received with less than 2 weeks’ notice but cannot be guaranteed. 

Please ensure the details of your event are firm before requesting a speaker. If your plans change, we may not be able to accommodate the new date and/or time. You will receive confirmation of your speaker a minimum of 3 business days prior to the event. 

Please provide as much details as possible with regards to the online platform you plan to use, how the videoconference will be moderated, the language requirements, and any other specific needs or requests you have.  Your GCWCC Local Manager may also be in attendance.